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Ogeechee Mill Bees - a follow-up

We went back to save the bees in the old pine at Ogeechee Mill - the weather was not on our side, with a strong storm coming in where the weatherman was citing possible tornadoes we knew we had to get out there and fast to save the bees.

Rev Tim Batchelor & his wife Susan met us at Missy's place. Hambone had brought around the tractor in case we needed to move part of the tree itself, measuring over 45 inches in diameter. With the wind and a light rain we cranked up the chain saw and cut out a notch to see what we might be dealing with and found a relatively contained hive of honeybees with comb measuring 3 feet in length.

We banded as much comb as possible and fit it into a Langstroth hive but were not able to find the queen. As the weather was coming in closer and it was getting later we removed all of the hive and most of the bees from the tree into the Langstroth - then tented everything and left them in hopes more bees would migrate into their new safe place. Hope you enjoy the pictures. We will be back soon and provide The Rest of The Story!

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