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Time to upcycle your Kiddie Pool!

January 21st is when we will start our seeds indoors but this weekend we have a project to upcycle one of our blue plastic kiddie pools!

Living in Burke County, Georgia, we are in growing zone 8a - it is important that you know your growing zone (use this chart) in order to plan your garden! Now is the time to start planning and building your grow areas. Container gardens are practical, easy and fun!

Container gardening is the first step toward eating whole foods and sustainable lifestyle. What is even better is the fact you can read the book "How to Grown Your Own Food" for FREE with Kindle! This book identifies 50 vegetables and herbs you can grow on your apartment balcony or patio area including how to maximize vertical space.

Maybe one weekend I will show you how we use cinder blocks found at work sites, side of the road, dump sites and so forth to grow vegetables. However, this weekend we will show you how to upcycle your old kiddie pool (or your neighbors!) into a flourishing seed bed, just right for helping you have fresh, crisp food just outside your back door.