Hand picked long leaf pine needles are carefully wrapped in sinew-like thread to make custom ring baskets. A special way to present a treasured gift to your loved one. Long leaf pines grow only in the Southeastern United States. For years, our native Americas have made jewelry, functional baskets and clothing using the longest pine needle possible.  
On our farm, we care for each and every tree to encourage 15-17 inch growth such that we can make the most delicate, one-of-a-kind art pieces. Custom orders for weddings and personalization is available.

Pine Needle Ring Basket

SKU: 2017-500
  • We can make baskets of most any size - most common are small jewelry baskets or flat, pan shaped bread baskets.  We are able to dye the needles and synthetic sinew to most any color using all natural dyes. Note: synthetic sinew is used out of respect for our native animals on the farm. We promote sustainability and craft each piece to be unique.