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Honey Lemon Ginger Chicken

My girls gave me an Instant Pot for Christmas and I have been busy trying new recipes but today - I ventured out with my own recipe! I wanted some winter food that is good for the body and soul! Lemon, Honey and Ginger are great for a sore throat, but I wanted to incorporate them into a comforting meal.

I sauteed a whole hen in the Instant Pot with smoked paprika, butter, grated ginger, and a little salt and pepper. Sautéing went better than

expected given the hen was half frozen!

Once all sides were brown and crispy (about 10 min), I removed the hen so I could add the metal wire rack - if you have misplaced yours, you can purchase a replacement here.

My husband was already happy about dinner because the aroma of all the spices filled the kitchen with yummy fragrance of dinner!

I added the whole browned hen back on top of the wire rack with 1 cup of organic chicken broth, 2 lemons cut into wedges, a sweet onion chopped into cubes and drizzled 3 tablespoons of fresh honey from our beehives. This was so easy!

Locked down the top to my Instant Pot and set the high pressure to 20 minutes. Easy peasy lemon squeezy (pardon the pun)! I hope you cook this recipe for your family this week!

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