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When Jason sent us a picture of our new cousin Bailey, a white Labrador, we knew we needed to add a simple puppy shampoo!Our goal was to create something portable, easy to use, leathers, naturally helps repel fleas and ticks with essential oils while nourishing itchy skin.  Viola! These paw print shampoo bars came about with goat milk soap, coconut oil and shea butter to help dry itchy skin.  . we also added lemongrass, cedar wood, and tea tree to help repel fleas plus a little lavender to soothe and relax.  Overall, the smell is a little woodsey-lemony fresh.  We also added a heaping spoon of Honey to help both the lather and soothe Bailey's skin as we are sure she will be in the water!!Each package contains 2 paw print bars. Each bar is about 1.5 it can fit in the glove box of Jason's truck yet big enough for 1 good shampoo of a large dog or several shampoos of a small dog.

Puppy Dog Shampoo Bars (2)

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