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Night Vision reveals a new world!

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With this winter weather, Randy had a chance to use his new night vision binoculars! There are all sorts of reasons for using night vision especially in bad weather. He could stand on the front porch and check the far field, chicken pen and make sure the windows on my car were rolled up - at night in zero visibility!! Let me give you the link - these new Fvtga Night Vision binocs are even on sale right now for $90 off retail and at $139 plus Prime gives FREE shipping!

He can take photo's and even record video's to show me so I don't have to get out in the rain and wind. Thank goodness he could see the bee hives had NOT blown over - we were worried because I had forgotten to lock them back down with heavy duty rachet straps. It is important to use heavy duty straps because of the wind gusts or shearing that we get in this area.

All that to say, the new Night Vision binocs rock and I highly recommend them! Ours came with a 32gig SD card which should last us a good while even while taking the 4K HD high res photos - oh, man, we should do a camp out on the back 40 so we can look for wildlife that comes out at night - oh, like a "seek & find" activity!

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